• The Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person teleconference series is specially designed to help individuals high in sensory processing be more themselves, happier and more productive. You can be a more authentic HSP.

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    • HSP coaching helps you create an action plan, providing tools, perspective, and support to reach higher than you could on your own. It offers the understanding and encouragement your current environment may not.

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    • This FREE monthly class is an introduction to goal-setting for the HSP. Learn why traditional goal-setting techniques may not have worked for you. Plus, balance life's areas to keep your "wheel of life" turning smoothly.

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    • Let's talk about your life experiences, your goals as an HSP, and how Authenticity Coaching could help you reach them. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone conversation with instructor-coach Celeste O'Brien.

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    • Your HSP super powers

      In this article, you’ll learn more about your HSP super powers, the character strengths that many highly sensitive people share, and about how many of us are blind to our best qualities, plus a simple exercise that can change that. Pre-eminent HSP researcher Elaine Aron, Ph. D. identified these qualities as common in the authentic HSP: creativity, imagination, empathy, intuition, reflection, wisdom, vocation, idea generation, depth, and perceptiveness. Other authors have also [...]

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      Authenticity for the HSP

      For the highly sensitive person, authenticity is a key piece of success and life satisfaction, combining your strengths and values. When you lack that alignment, some of your energy is drained off by the extra effort needed to keep moving forward. The question to ask: what makes your heart sing? In this article you’ll find more about why authenticity is so important for everyone, especially to the HSP, and how authentic goals mean better results. We'll talk about how using your strengths is[...]

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    • Ten misconceptions about happiness

      The highly sensitive person (HSP) thrives in a supportive atmosphere. We can learn a lot about creating that atmosphere from positive psychology. With its focus on happiness and the factors that help individuals and communities thrive, it is a good fit for the HSP. Instead of endlessly trying to fix what we don’t like about ourselves, the research is clear that we can use our innate strengths and core abilities to crowd out the negative. In this post we identify ten misconceptions [...]

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      Negativity bias or survival bias? Is the bad stronger than the good?

      The highly sensitive person is typically compassionate and conscientious. Must they accept that the bad really is stronger than the good? Some scientists have put forth the idea that humans have a negativity bias. But, is it possible that what we have is actually a survival bias? That we pay attention on a priority basis to those essential issues so that lesser concerns can have meaning? The present thinking seems to be that the bad is stronger than the good: “Over and over,” [...]

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    • Schedule of classes



      Pillars of a Balanced Life

      This free four-week introduction to Goal-Setting for the Highly Sensitive Person begins on Tuesday, February 20 and continues on February 27, March 6 and 13, 2018.



      Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, Part II

      This five week teleconference class focuses on the HSP and social and close relationships, thriving at work, spirituality, and freeing yourself from negative stereotypes. It begins Monday, April 23, 2018 from 7 to 8 pm ET. It continues on April 30 and May 7, 14, and 21, 2018

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    • Twelve tips for the manager of highly sensitive people

      Are you the manager of highly sensitive people? Probably, because HSPs are twenty percent of the population. The authentic HSP tends to more fully consider options and outcomes and so may be a major asset to your department. You may think of a sensitive person as an immature, self-absorbed and temperamental individual who flies off the handle at every small thing. Not so, according to science. Being “highly sensitive” means being high in sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), a trait that is inborn and genetic. "Overly sensitive” and “highly sensitive” sound [...]

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