• The Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person teleconference classes are specially designed to help individuals high in sensory processing be more themselves, happier, and more productive. You can be a more authentic HSP.

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    • After the classes, HSP coaching helps you implement an action plan, providing the tools and perspective to reach higher than you could on your own. It offers the understanding and encouragement your current environment may not.

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    • This FREE monthly class is an introduction to goal-setting for the HSP. Learn why traditional goal-setting techniques may not have worked for you. Plus, balance life's areas to keep your "wheel of life" rolling smoothly.

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    • Let's talk about your life experiences, your goals as an HSP, and how Authenticity Coaching could help you reach them. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone conversation with instructor-coach Celeste O'Brien.

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    • HSPs and Research

      Why would HSPs care about research? Why should anyone care about HSPs and research? The short answer: when studies were done on "what everybody believed," some things turned out not to be true...especially about the highly sensitive person. Case in point: before you heard about Elaine Aron’s research on the highly sensitive person, did you know that…? … when raised in an enriched, supportive environment, those with this “differential susceptibility” are actually [...]

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      HSPs & the Orchid-Dandelion Hypothesis

         The highly sensitive child, if raised in a positive atmosphere, grows into an adult who, according to researcher Dr. Elaine Aron, may be “happier, healthier, and more socially skilled” than others. Like orchids, they flourish when given good care. In this article: some, not all, orchid children are HSPs, putting sensitivity into perspective, and an important tip for parenting the orchid child. The orchid-dandelion hypothesis is very good news for the highly [...]

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    • Parenting Styles and the Highly Sensitive Child

      HSP researcher Elaine Aron, Ph.D. has offered invaluable advice for parents and teachers of the highly sensitive children. She explains how they can help the HSC learn without harming him or her. In this post we also look beyond that to parenting styles and the highly sensitive child plus how those styles help or harm almost all children. Never use harsh discipline on HSCs. They tend to be extremely rule-conscious and usually only require gentle, private reminders. For some, just knowing [...]

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      The Highly Sensitive Child

      Were you a highly sensitive child? Are you raising one now? Here are some dynamite resources for understanding your own sensitivity and for parenting your precious youngster. If you’ve only read a few articles and still feel defensive about your sensitivity, resolve to learn more about what your parents and teachers didn’t know and couldn’t always help you with. You may find your sensitivity is far more of an asset than you had realized. Some things are worth [...]

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    • Schedule of classes



      Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person Part I

      This five-week teleconference class focuses on understanding your strengths, health, lifestyle, avoiding HSP pitfalls, and reframing past experience. It begins Tuesday, February 2, 2020 and continues on February 9, 16, 23, and March 2, 2020.



      Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person Part II

      This five week teleconference class focuses on the HSP and social and close relationships, thriving at work, spirituality, and freeing yourself from negative stereotypes. It begins Tuesday, March 9 and continues March 16, 23, 30 and April 6, 2021.

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    • Twelve Tips for the Manager of Highly Sensitive People

      Are you the manager of highly sensitive people? Probably, because HSPs are twenty percent of the population. The authentic HSP tends to more fully consider options and outcomes and so may be a major asset to your department. They are loyal, conscientious employees, good at team-building and customer relations. Being “highly sensitive” means being high in sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), a trait that is inborn and genetic. “Overly sensitive” and “highly sensitive” sound similar and have been confused. You may think of a sensitive person as an [...]

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    • Advantages of Being an HSP

      As a sensitive child, you may have experienced great joy in the natural world—plants, pets, animals and babies of any species. You most likely also had the ability to feel more positive emotion than other, less sensitive children would have felt in the same circumstances. In your teen years and now in adulthood, you may benefit more than others would from an upgrade in circumstances. Here are several important research updates, with easy-to-understand definitions of the terms you[...]

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