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    Instead of playing telephone tag, let's schedule a time to talk about your goals and how Authenticity Coaching's teleconference classes can help you meet them. Before you register for a class, I can answer any questions you have. 

    Important note: I offer teleconference classes and telephone coaching in the United States and Canada. I only coach those who have completed Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, parts one and two. Otherwise, you are not familiar enough with the basics of your trait.

    Coaching will address a problem or goal but will not provide a foundation of reliable, comprehensive information about sensitivity overall. That's why I strongly suggest you begin with a class as a foundation for becoming a more effective and authentic HSP.

    Please have your HSP score from Dr. Aron's Self-Quiz available. None of your information is ever shared, rented, or sold.

    In your email please specify one time slot and perhaps a second--just in case. I will be calling you. So be sure to leave the number when you can be reached at that time. If none of these times work for you, please list one or two that would.

    These times are usually open:

    • Monday--7:30pm ET
    • Tuesday--7:30pm ET
    • Wednesday--11:30am, 2:30pm, 3:00pm ET
    • Thursday--2:30pm, 7:30pm ET
    • Friday--11:00am ET

    Let's talk! 

  • Other helpful info

    Contact Celeste O'Brien for a phone conversation

    Make an appointment for a free, no-obligation phone conversation

    Before registering for Pillars of a Balanced Life: An Introduction to Goal-Setting for the Highly Sensitive Person, contact your instructor Celeste O'Brien to schedule a 15-minute phone conversation.

    Before registering for a five-week workshop in the Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person Series, plan a 20-minute conversation.

    Tuition and fees

    Pillars of a Balanced Life: An Introduction to Goal-Setting for the Highly Sensitive Person is offered without charge. It is scheduled for four consecutive weeks. Each week you will be emailed goal-setting information and a self-assessment to complete. 

    HSP Teleclasses

    Each five-week teleconference course meets for one hour each week; tuition is $259. The classes are:

    • Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, part one
    • Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, part two
    • Authentically Happy (prerequisite: HHSP parts one and two)
    • Focus on Core Strengths (prerequisite: HHSP parts one and two)


    Individual coaching is scheduled in 30-minute appointments and is $259 for five sessions. Usually the calls are scheduled weekly or every two weeks (Prerequisite: Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, parts one and two).

    Unlike many coaches, I don't do complimentary coaching sessions, believing that the classes offer a better "first step." They provide foundational understanding and knowledge that coaching will not provide.

    Classes, coaching or therapy?

    Psychotherapy is provided by a licensed psychologist and helps an individual deal with the negative events and feelings from the past and perhaps in the present as well. 

    Classes offer general information, focusing on how to recognize and value your trait and avoid common missteps. Coaching focuses on the positive aspects and opportunities of the present and the future. Contact me to talk about what's best for you.