• Pillars of a balanced life

  • Pillars of a balanced life...an introduction to goal-setting for the HSP

    Pillars of a Balanced Life: an Introduction to Goal-Setting for The HSP is a FREE mini-course designed for you as a highly sensitive person. You may feel that past goal-setting attempts haven’t always led to the results you wanted. You watched others announce their victories and accomplishments, but your goals stayed out of reach.

    I know that we HSPs--I'm one too--have  moments of feeling overwhelmed and other moments of wanting more from our lives. The "..if only I could work harder/ get up earlier..." approach hasn't worked either, I'll bet.

  • Have you almost given up on goal-setting?

    Have you lost all interest in the most common goals or strategies? The goals of those around you may seem devoid of meaning. If you're highly sensitive, trophy goals and their bragging rights may actually turn you off. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to put what you want into words, or aren’t convinced others will understand or support your goals.

    Maybe you aren’t energized by your goals because what you truly wanted seems impossible. There may have been times when you doubted your own abilities and talents, because of the criticism you received. What you needed was encouragement and it was in short supply.

    Setting goals may not have worked well for you unless you have filtered them through an HSP's needs. Adopting a non-HSP's goals is like shopping for shoes in a store that never carries your size. They just aren't a fit. Without good information and support from like-minded others, you as an HSP may struggle to find the right fit in the job world and the social order.

  • Here's what you'll learn about goal-setting for HSPs

    Pillars of a Balanced Life is based on the latest science and provides evidence-based strategies. Each week you'll receive via email worksheets to complete. In these four weeks you'll learn more about goal-setting for HSPs:

    WEEK ONE: Authentic goals and sustainable actions, action vs. learning goals, external vs. internal goals and motivation, needs vs. wants, past successes, your own special strengths, and completion of the Six ways success looks different for the HSP worksheets (15 pages).

    WEEK TWO: Completion of the Three reasons goal-setting may not work for the HSP and Five key goal-setting strategies for the HSP worksheets (9 pages). 

    WEEK THREE: Completion of the Ten pillars of a balanced life worksheets in which you'll rate your satisfaction with life's various domains--relationships, work, health, etc. (13 pages). 

    If you’ve done the wheel of life self-assessment before, this can be a great refresher…with an HSP spin…letting you know what you’ve accomplished and spotlighting what comes next. 

    WEEK FOUR: Wishing, dwelling, or indulging vs. mental contrasting, the HSP version of SMARTEST goals, avoiding over-commitment, your job "sweet spot," and six ways to painlessly increase your self-control (17 pages).

  • An HSP perspective

    The e-course provides an HSP perspective, an update of SMARTEST goal-setting strategies, plus recommendations from HSP researcher Elaine Aron and positive psychologists Robert Biswas-Diener, Ben Dean, Heidi Grant Halvorsen, Carol Dweck, Tal Ben-Shahar, Emily vanSonnenberg, and Gabriele Oettinger.

    You will need an Internet connection and a printer to prepare the worksheets you'll be receiving. Recording your answers is an essential part of the benefit from the teleclass. 

    At the end of four weeks you'll have a framework you can use to accomplish both basic goals and those that lead to greater success and happiness. If this sounds good to you, schedule a 15-minute call so we can talk about the class and how it might be the right next step for you.