• Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person Part Two

  • An HSP approach to work, love, and spirituality

    Invest in the understanding that will support you the rest of your life.

  • The teleconference series is composed of four classes. The first two, Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person, Parts One and Two, are five weeks each.  When you've completed Part Onehere's what's included in Part Two:

    Week 1: Social relationships:

    • -Ridding shyness from your self-concept
    • -When things don’t go well socially
    • -Reasons to value small talk (how skipping it turns into relationship quicksand!)
    • -Venting vs. problem-solving
    • -Honoring your intuition
    • -Cementing bonds with active-constructive responses

    Week 2: Close relationships:

    • -Finding a best friend
    • -How and when to forgive and when not to forgive
    • -Predicting happy marriage vs. divorce
    • -Daily steps for keeping warmth and love in a relationship
    • -Disagreeing without being disagreeable

    Week 3: Thriving in work:

    • -Drudgery, job, craft or calling?
    • -Recognizing the drain of “emotional labor”
    • -Importance of friends at work
    • -Handling criticism and setting boundaries
    • -Money manners and poverty addiction

    Week 4: Freeing ourselves from negative stereotypes:

    • -Replacing negative labels of yourself with more balanced descriptions
    • -When we stereotype others: empathy vs. advice
    • -If your only tool is a hammer
    • -Nature or nurture? Soma or psyche? Individual or culture? An interactionist perspective
    • -Reframing, revisited

    Week 5: Reaching for heaven with both feet firmly on the ground:

    • -Myths that can derail your personal development goals
    • -Recognizing cult-like trends in a group
    • -Balancing your life wheel and avoiding spiritual addiction (keep good intentions from turning into quicksand!)
    • -Identifying the links between life purpose, religion, spirituality, positive emotion, and positive behavior
    • -Honoring your existing beliefs and practices (this material applies to all traditions, denominations, and philosophies)
  • Invest in the understanding that will support you the rest of your life

    You can register for both classes together or consolidate your learning by adding five weeks of one-on-one coaching to keep your learning on track. Each class meets one hour a week for five weeks. Thirty-minute coaching sessions are scheduled by appointment usually every week or every two weeks.

  • HHSP Part I meeting one hour a week for five weeks: $259

  • HHSP Parts I and II meeting one hour a week for ten weeks (a $518 value): $499

  • HHSP Parts I and II plus five additional weeks of 30-minute coaching sessions to further implement your learning (a $777 value): $699