• Overview of teleconference classes for the highly sensitive person

  • Highly sensitive? Feeling alone or out of step?

    Do your deep feelings seem more like a liability than an asset?

  • Do your best ideas sometimes fail to get the recognition they deserve?

    Do you feel out of step with others, and sometimes criticized, underrated, disparaged, diminished, or dismissed because of your sensitivity?

    People who come to Authenticity Coaching teleconference classes for the highly sensitive person want to know:

    -How can I avoid taking on other’s problems?

    -Where can I find kindred spirits

    -How can I get enough positive feedback to maintain my mood, motivation, and momentum?

  • What if...

    What if you knew about the strengths that your sensitivity provided from your early teens on? Let’s imagine that you used your knowledge to skip over obstacles, like the ones created by believing you were somehow inferior.

    You know and I know that this belief can underlie too many of a teen’s choices…sometimes poor choices with disappointing results. Instead, you could more gracefully navigate the minefields of friendship, dating, mating, completing your studies, choosing an occupation, deciding where and how you would live.

    What if your parents and teachers understood–and valued—sensitivity? Well, wow, just wow! Think how much would have been different if this would have been true. (Yes, I know it was true for some of us, but not for enough of us.)

    You were criticized for what you did, but also for who you were. We can change what we do and how we behave. But we shouldn’t be asked to abandon our best qualities, the core of who we are, especially when we have so much to offer the world.

    Do you have children of your own now? What if you better understood yourself as an HSP parent, guiding, loving, and cherishing both your HSP and non-HSP children? You could provide for the next generation what you would have wanted for yourself. Knowing the heart of an HSP, I suspect this would be thrilling for you.

  • Time to open a new chapter in your life?

    If your current knowledge of sensitivity is working for you, great. But for so many of us, it hasn’t been enough. Instead, we needed to go deep into what being an HSP meant.

    Through the innovative research of Dr. Elaine Aron and others, we encountered a whole new understanding of our life. It offered ways of improving work, relationships, parenting, and more. It was like re-writing the soundtrack of our lives.

    What seems like a minor choice or a small mistake has to be considered for the effect it has on your life trajectory. Aerospace engineers know that a one-degree error in a moonshot means the rocket will miss the moon by 4,169 miles.

    Yes, I do believe in forgiving mistakes. I have also seen that an unexpected detour can be rewarding. The point here is that seemingly small choices can lead to lifelong consequences. Knowing (or not knowing) what being sensitive means, and how it makes a difference is important. It can augment (or skew) your entire life trajectory. There is good information out there now. The sooner you get it, the more quickly it can help you.

  • The "owner's manual" for the HSP

    Consider Dr. Elaine N. Aron’s book (or books—she’s written several more) to be the “owner’s manual” for the HSP.

    As an instructor, and as an HSP learning about myself, I believe strongly that you should spend more time getting acquainted with your trait than the few days you spend reading the text. Consider that our classes are the application phase.

  • Better understand your trait

    Develop a deep understanding of your sensitivity and how it affects you over your lifespan.

  • Know your HSP strengths

    Acknowledge and use your HSP strengths daily, a technique proven to increase life satisfaction.

  • Stay out of the quicksand

    Be aware of the pitfalls many HSPs face and common mistakes they make.

  • Doesn't all this sound too good to be true?

    Yes, those are big benefits. How could you possibly achieve them?

    It’s true that you won’t have all those benefits at the end of a five-week class or even after ten weeks, but you will have laid the groundwork in knowing how to achieve them.

    And, yes, you will have to keep practicing the strategies our classes teach. It isn’t once and done….it is ongoing and lifelong, a way of seeing your role and how you can best interact with the world around you.

    My path, my mission, is to give you the insights you need to find, choose, and stay on the path of HSP success and fulfillment.

    Authenticity Coaching offers these teleconference classes for the highly sensitve person. Each meets for one hour each week for five weeks.

    -Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Personpart one

    -Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Personpart two


    -Authentically Happy (prerequisite: HHSP parts one and two)

    -Focus on Core Strengths (prerequisite: HHSP parts one and two)

    The first two teleconference classes for the highly sensitive person focus on sensory-processing sensitivity, based on studies by Elaine Aron and other researchers. The second two are based on research in positive psychology. The highly sensitive person does best is an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. Positive psychology offers great ways to choose and sustain that atmosphere.

    The material is research-based, not conflated with hearsay or opinion. It’s intended to be an up-to-date understanding drawn from the work of the country’s top thought leaders.

  • Will the class be recorded?

    No, participants are promised their questions and comments during the teleclass will remain confidential. Making a recording would mean getting everyone’s consent to share it after the class has taken place and all comments had been made. In a business-to-business setting, you might want your name and brand out there. Instead, this is for you as an individual; details of your personal life will be confidential.

    I realize this favors the visual learner over the auditory, but you will find your handouts to be quite complete; you can see a sample page at the left (or above on your tablet). Few notes need to be taken. The material deserves your full attention, not just listening with one ear as you drive, or thump along on your treadmill.

  • What will I need for the teleconference classes for the highly sensitive person?

    You will need: 

    1. Two to three hours each week to complete your reading and assigned activities. You will never be expected to spend more than three hours a week between classes.

    2. An email account and Internet access to receive the handout that will be emailed to you before each class.

    3. A printer to reproduce the handouts (20 – 35 pages each week). You will benefit most if you have the handouts in front of you during our call. They have space for an occasional note. Three-hole punched paper and a three-ring binder will create your own book for review later as well.

    4. Your textbook from your favorite online or local bookseller. The text for the first two classes is The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Survive When the World Overwhelms You by Elaine Aron, Ph.D. This link will allow you to order it directly from Dr. Aron’s website hsperson.com.

    Here is another link, if you wish to order from Amazon.com. No, I don’t get a fee from Dr. Aron or from Amazon; I will always tell you if I am getting any fees beyond your tuition.

    5. A phone in a quiet location from which to call into the conference line. You will be responsible for the long-distance charges to the teleconference number.

    For sound quality on a teleconference call, a corded landline phone is ideal, if you have one. If you have background noise, you will have an option to temporarily mute your phone. We love to have you participate, but sometimes other family members, pets, birds, lawn mowers, traffic, and other noise is distracting for the group…and perhaps for you as well.

    6. The willingness to keep confidential all comments from other participants

    7. Your promise to honor the Authenticity Coaching copyright.

  • How do I register?

    Your first steps are to have:

    • -Your score from Aron’s HSP quiz.
    • -A 20-minute phone conversation with your instructor Celeste O’Brien (that’s me) about your goals and whether the class will help you meet them. Contact me; email your phone number(s) and the best times to reach you at that number.  Then, if you decide to join us for the teleclass, I will send you a link for registration and tuition payment.
  • How much is tuition?

    You can save by registering for both classes together, or consolidate your learning by adding five weeks of one-on-one coaching to keep you on track. Your registration includes beautiful handouts for each class.

  • HHSP Part I meeting one hour a week for five weeks: $259

  • Both HHSP Parts I and II meeting one hour a week for ten weeks (a $518 value): $499 

  • HHSP parts I and II plus five additional weeks of one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions to keep you on track (a $777 value): $699

  • Begin now to transform your experience and reset your life trajectory.