• A list of plans, goals, and resolutions for 2018
  • Time for changes in your life? Is this a time of new beginnings? Maybe a time of fresh promises to yourself and others? Perhaps the best step is to brush up on which goals, plans, and resolutions are most likely to work. Here are valuable goal-setting tips for the highly sensitive person and for everyone.

    This is an excerpt from Pillars of a Balanced Life: An Introduction to Goal-Setting for the Highly Sensitive Person, a free four-week email mini-course.

  • The time factor in how we make planning decisions

    Understanding the time factor is a way to pull back the curtain on the future and better predict our level of satisfaction when we actually move into that future.

    For distant events, we think about how we want the future to unfold. Researcher and author Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals, says that “we adopt goals and plans with potentially rich rewards that are also logistical nightmares.”

    What were we thinking!!!!

    For near-term plans, we often turn down what would have been rewarding. We are thinking only in terms of the details to be accomplished rather than how much fun an event or experience might be.

    Researchers found that students who had weeks to prepare a paper often chose the more difficult assignments. When something had to be done in the next few days, they went with the easiest option available.

    Other studies showed that people planning for the longer term believe that their future week has 14 more hours available.

    The incredible, stretchable week! Would that it were so!

    There is some evidence that, in an eight hour day, we are only productive about five hours. So those additional 14 hours may be more like three more days’ work than two days’ more.

    Even an all-nighter is not going to be enough to close the gap between the plan and the fallout from real life. There may be other surprises, delays, or disappointments to contend with as well.

    Because these extra hours are mostly imaginary, regrets often appear as time goes on.

  • More goal-setting tips for the highly sensitive person

    This is the sixth post on goal-setting for the HSP. It has included an excerpt from the free four-week e-course Pillars of a Balanced Life--An Introduction to Goal-Setting for the Highly Sensitive Person. To learn more about goal-setting in general and especially for the HSP, you are invited to the full mini-course.